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On August 10, 2004, I started this blog using Blogger so I could learn about and experiment with the medium.

I've accomplished that goal but I continue to experiment, which might explain the sometimes random nature of this blog. While I publish other blogs on Internet Marketing and the Minnesota Vikings, this one is far less focused and sometimes scatter shot.

I do talk a lot about sports because sports are always fun to talk about. I talk about various places in the Twin Cities because the Twin Cities are a wonderful place to live. I talk about video games because they're very cool, as entertainment as well as technology. I talk about politics because I'm a news and politics junkie.

And I'll pretty much talk about whatever makes it into my head, through my fingers, and past the post button.

I write because it helps me to think; the process helps me clarify my ideas by putting those ideas into words that I can see and examine.  I write because I love writing and I'm good at it and there's nothing quite as wonderful as exercising a skill at which you excel.


Olympic Beach Volleyball

August 29, 2004

If you have any question of 1) whether or not beach volleyball is a legitimate Olympic sport, or 2) the nature of it’s appeal, all you need to know is that this, this, and this, the objet du desir, were among Yahoo!’s most emailed photographs last week.

Red Bull vs. SoBe Energy Drinks

August 29, 2004

Have I mentioned how much I love football? I do. A lot. This much [Fade in picture of me with arms outstreched to either side of my body]. I love football so much that I play it at least twice a week (touch football, that is). I’ve been playing with more or less the same…

Nokia 3650 Review

August 29, 2004

I was planning on writing an ode to my Nokia 3650 cell phone, then it looked as if I would have to write a eulogy instead but as it turns out, I am writing one of those amazing product stories that marketers would kill for. My phone, you see, died only to be miraculously revived.…

Maureen Dowd

August 24, 2004

New York Times columnist and unofficial Bush family psychologist Maureen Dowd is out selling her new book, Bushworld. I saw her on Real Time with Bill Maher and, man does she look uncomfortably out of her element; she seems very awkward and almost at pains to answer interview questions. For someone who has been reading…

The Plan – Psycho Suzi’s

August 21, 2004

The plan was to go to Psycho Suzi’s for a few beers and then head somewhere to watch the Vikings/Falcons game. That was the plan, anyway. And as you know, the best laid plans of mice and men… The game started early at 6:30 and because I knew this, I was very careful to point…

Bill Schneider Phones It In

August 13, 2004

When you decide to do a weekly segment on television news, you’d better be prepared to stretch your credibility on occasion when there is no news that fits your formula. And so it is with CNN’s alleged "political analyst" Bill Schneider‘s Play of the Week on the news channel’s weekly Inside Politics show. Today Schneider…

Sprint Commercials

August 10, 2004

The current Sprint TV commercial that’s running in heavy rotation on your tele must not have been proofed before they signed off on airing it. You know the commercial – it’s a none-too-subtle rip-off of the "Intel Inside" idea with a Beatlesish song repeating the theme "Sprint is in here, Sprint is in there." Get…