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On August 10, 2004, I started this blog using Blogger so I could learn about and experiment with the medium.

I've accomplished that goal but I continue to experiment, which might explain the sometimes random nature of this blog. While I publish other blogs on Internet Marketing and the Minnesota Vikings, this one is far less focused and sometimes scatter shot.

I do talk a lot about sports because sports are always fun to talk about. I talk about various places in the Twin Cities because the Twin Cities are a wonderful place to live. I talk about video games because they're very cool, as entertainment as well as technology. I talk about politics because I'm a news and politics junkie.

And I'll pretty much talk about whatever makes it into my head, through my fingers, and past the post button.

I write because it helps me to think; the process helps me clarify my ideas by putting those ideas into words that I can see and examine.  I write because I love writing and I'm good at it and there's nothing quite as wonderful as exercising a skill at which you excel.



October 9, 2004

Grover was The Veteran‘s best man. They’ve been buddies since childhood and the stories of thie deeds and misdeeds are seemingly endless. He got his nickname because, as a kid, he he did a flawless imitation of Grover on the Sesame Street television show. When I first started hanging with The Veteran, he said that…

Cast–Bottom Line

October 8, 2004

The bottom line with Bottom Line is that everything comes down to the bottom line with her. She’s an accountant, so that explains her bottom lineness in matters financial. The company she works for makes the yellow tape that police use to cordon off a crime scene, so we’re always happy for her when we…

Cast–Pixel Grrrl

October 7, 2004

Pixel Grrrl was born and raised in Minnesota but moved to California to pursue a career in animation. After working on a handful of high-profile films, she moved back to Minnesota. Nothing in her personality betrays her religious upbringing, as she is outgoing and fun-loving, exhibiting none of the pinched uptightness often found in those…


October 6, 2004

I met Delicious through The Veteran. Delicious was playing football with The Veteran before Vet invited me to play. The story, as The Veteran relates it, is that Delicious started appearing at The Vet’s pickup basketball games. Delicious arrived on in-line skates. When angry with his play, he would yell out "Jimminy Christmas!" instead of…

Cast–The Veteran

October 5, 2004

The Veteran had been an acquaintance of mine for some time prior to us becoming friends–I had met him through a nonprofit organization we both volunteered for. We became fast friends, though, after working on an Internet-related project together. At the end of the project we had to go to DC to meet the foundation…

Cast–Phone Assasin

October 4, 2004

I first met Phone Assasin at The Halftime Rec, a smoke-infested hole-in-the-wall bar that features live Irish music and Hammerschlagen upstairs–a game where the first person to pound a nail into a tree stump wins–and Bocce ball downstairs. It was a happy hour sponsored by Minnesotans for a Democratic Majority–a young Democrat organization. At that…

Clinton Speaks

September 9, 2004

God, it’s fun to be a state in play. When you’re in play, you can watch the presidential race unfold from your doorstep. Such was the case yesterday, when both vice presidential candidates dropped in for Labor Day: Dick Cheney visited the State Fair on the last day of the fair and John Kerry‘s running…

Atari Games

September 8, 2004

Atari is going to reissue their old arcade games on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 platforms. Not surprisingly, they’re going after the nostalgia market and I’m quite sure it will be plenty successful for them. There are certain cultural touchstones that mark a generation and Atari games is one of the Xer touchstones. I recently…

The Best Swiss Cheese

September 6, 2004

My turkey sandwiches got infinitely more tasty about two months ago when I discovered Nelson Cheese and Deli on Como and just off Snelling Avenue in St. Paul. They sell aged swiss cheese that absolutely makes the sandwich. When you cut open the wrapper, the cheese is often swimming in water and when you cut…

West Indies Soul

August 31, 2004

There must be some slight Karmic misalignment because when I thought about getting some Jerk Chicken today at West Indies Soul, I actually could. The thing is, nearly every time I get a craving for Jerk Chicken, it’s on a Monday and West Indies Soul is closed on Mondays…and Sundays, it turns out, but that…