Is The Mall Of America Heated?

I noticed today while doing keyword research that during the past 60 days, 5 people have used the search engines to answer the question "is the Mall of America heated"? I immediately assumed, of course, that that was a silly question. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, how could the Mall of America not be heated.

But a search using that question at all-knowing Google yeilded no useful results. A search at Yahoo! gave me a link to a Wikipedia page on the Mall of America along with this sentence: "Only the mall’s entrances are heated."

A search at MSN gave me this page, which says:

No. The only heat is from the lights and people. The only heaters are at the entrances from the parking ramps and external doors. The MOA (the largest mall in the United States) is located in a suburb of St. Paul Minnesota where temps can reach -20F. Yep, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with sledding, I just found it interesting.

So it isn’t all that odd of a question after all. And, if you’re one of the 2.5 people a month who want to know the answer, now you’ve got a ready reference…If Google finds it, that is.

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