Cast–Open Source

Open Source is called that because of her enthusiasm for often arcane open source technology. Linux, ogg, bit torrent, whatever. If it’s free technology and difficult to use, she’s probably all for it.

Open Source plays on our co-ed league football teams. She’s a tall and very athletic woman and that’s great for us because what separates the men from the boys, so to speak (cough cough) among co-ed league teams is the talent of your women players. We’ve always had great women players and Open Source is certainly one of them.

She’s got great hands and a strong arm too, so she can play quarterback if need be. She’s also a little slow, but so are we all and it’s not much of a liabilty where she’s concerned. She does, however, love to argue and will take every opportunity to do so if it involves the rules of the game, and that doesn’t always sit too well with the refs.

The arguing doesn’t stop when she steps off the field, either. Open Source likes arguement for argument’s sake. I do too, so I find her great entertainment. But I’ve learned that not everyone does like to argue and I’m not quite so sure Open Source full understands that yet.

From what I’ve seen, she’s an absolutely superb mother. She loves her sports as much as I do, yet she does not think twice about missing her games so she can attend her son’s events.

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