Detroit Lions

Photo: Jim Marshall

Flukiest Plays In Minnesota Vikings History

December 12, 2019

These are the top eight flukiest plays in Minnesota Vikings history.

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Photo: Minnesota Vikings Game Balls

Vikings Game Ball: Week 14 vs Detroit Lions

December 9, 2019

Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter records three sacks, all during the first half. That performance gives the 25-year-old Hunter 52.5 sacks for his career, making him the youngest player to reach that milestone since the sack became an official statistic.

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Photo: Dalvin Cook at Lions

Vikings' Embarrasment Of Riches vs Lions

October 22, 2019

Seven thought about the Vikings 42-30 victory over the Detroit Lions.

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Vikings @ Lions Preview

October 18, 2019

These are seven things I’ll be watching for when the Vikings face the Detroit Lions for the first time this season.

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Photo: Barry Sanders vs Minnesota Vikings

1995 Vikings @ Lions, Week 13

October 17, 2019

While the Vikings lost 44-38 to the Lions on Novemer 23, 1995 at the Pontiac Silverdome, it was nevertheless a good game, a classic Thanksgiving shootout that has both teams combine for 82 points and nearly 1,000 yards of offense.

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Photo: NFL Booth Review

The Real Reason For Craptastic NFL Officiating

October 12, 2019

Are the NFL’s increasingly suspect play reviews deliberately manipulating the outcome of games to create better storylines?

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REVIEW: Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears [VIDEO]

September 19, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Chat Podcast: David reviews the Vikings’ 2013 Week 1 loss against Detroit Lions & Week 2 loss to the Chicago Bears.

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Legend Of The Game: Jerome Simpson [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 11, 2013

Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson delivered on high expectations last Sunday against the Detroit Lions with seven catches for 140 yards.

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Adrian Peterson's First Touchdown Of 2013 [INFOTOGRAPH]

September 10, 2013

Adrian Peterson’s first touch of the 2013 season went for 78 yards and a touchdown. How many more yards does he have to gain to reach 2500?

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#VikingsChat: Vikings 24, Detroit Lions 34 [TRANSCRIPT]

September 9, 2013

The #VikingsChat Twitter chat transcript for the Minnesota Vikings’ Week 1 game of the 2013 season game, a 24-34 loss to the Detroit Lions.

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