NFL’s Old Guard

sure did the hair on the backs of some executives. The that the rhetorical temperature got hot enough for Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to defend the signing and his vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski.

quotes NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue saying he thinks the Hutchinson and Burleson offer sheets’ "poison pill" provisions are a loophole that he’ll address with the player’s association.

But it was , that  carried quotes from some disgruntled NFL heavies. They quoted quoting head coach Mike Holmgren, saying

They quotes owner Jeff Lurie saying

All this huffing sounds sooooo Old Guard. It’s just not done!!


If Mike Holmgren had thought of it first, you think he wouldn’t of done it? He just wasn’t creative enough and, as Wilf points out, the Hutchinson offer was entire within the rules.

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