Stefon Diggs' Pre-Game Ritual

Photo: Stefon Diggs End Zone Celebration
Stefon Diggs. Photo courtesy Minnesota Vikings

The Athletic‘s Chad Graff writes about Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs‘ pre-game ritual when his team is hosting an opponent:

Diggs, though, went where he usually does during this reprieve before games. With headphones on, the wide receiver started playing catch with the early-arriving fans who had made their way to the front row of the domed stadium.

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Graff even caputured the ritual on video.

This is one of the reasons Diggs is such a beloved figure among Vikings fans. He’s easy to like.

Graff reports that Diggs has been doing this for several seasons. Though this is a simple gesture for the star receiver, Diggs recognizes the difference it can make for the kids on the receiving end of his passes. Graff quotes him:

“Kinda like, take some time out of your day, because kids never get to experience anything like that, I’ve never experienced anything like it. I’m just trying to involve the fans as much as I can. To show appreciation and support.”

Stefon Diggs

Former Vikings wide receiver Brandon Zylstra must have taken notice, because he spent a good 15-20 minutes playing catch with fans in the stands on the day that I visited training camp this year.