Kevin Kolb Highlights


A draft-day trade for a quarterback is not beyond the realm of possibility for the Vikings this year. The best likely prospect out there is Philadelphia Eagles former starter and now backup to Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb. Kolb has thrown 11 touchdowns to fourteen interceptions and taken 20 sacks, 15 of them in 2010. His career completion percentage is 60.8.

I’m wary of Kolb, given he’s started only seven games in his four years in the league and I worry we’ll give up too much for him, if we do trade. I think the 12th overall pick is too high. On the other hand, he’s started seven more games than any rookie we’d pick, and three more games than Joe Webb (yes, I’m counting the Bears game).

The thing is, if you trade for Kolb you’re saying he’s our guy, he’s our future. Kolb’s no stop-gap quarterback.

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