Daily Chat: Chester, We Miss Ya



The Pioneer PressJeremy Fowler has a nice piece today about Chester Taylor, who says the way the Vikings treated him was shameful. The full quote:

“It was kind of hurtful. When I came in 2006, they gave me the chance to be the feature back. I didn’t know they would turn their back on me like they did. It’s kind of shameful.”

Former Vikings beat writer Kevin Seifert, now covering the NFC North for ESPN.com, examines the workload between Taylor and Matt Forte, and finds Taylor’s touches in the Bears offense wanting.

Sadly, it seems some things never change for Taylor, who during his stay with the Vikings, and now it appears with the Bears, has gone underutilized and unappreciated.

Fowler quotes Brett Favre on the matter:

“Chester was very underused last year. It was my first year here, but I thought his ability to play a wideout position, run screens from the halfback position, just his overall feel for the game, blocking responsibilities and things like that, were as good as any of the guys I’ve ever played with at that position. I just thought we could have had more packages and used him in so many different ways. So no doubt, if we didn’t know already, we’ve realized how much of an impact he did have for us.”

The most glaring aspect of Taylor’s game that we’ve been sorely needing since he left, is his ability to pick up the blitz.

We we appreciate and miss you, Chester.

That’s quite a bill for a pair of shoes. The Pioneer PressBrian Murphy and Jeremy Fowler report that receiver Bernard Berrian was fined $5,000 for wearing those blazing yellow cleats last Sunday.

You and Imelda Marcos, Bernard.

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The name stands out, that’s for sure. It ain’t Mercury Morris, Lynn Swan, or Sterling Sharpe, as NFL names go, but it’s easy to remember, regardless.

Defensive back Cord Parks is the newest addition to the Vikings practice squad. Parks was picked up after Colt Anderson signed with the Eagles.

…to have never won a Super Bowl. That’s where Yahoo! Sports is listing Bud Grant, first among the greatest head coaches who have never won the big one.

Such is the fate of Long-Suffering Vikings Fans that their team’s glorious history is marred by four Super Bowl appearances yet not one championship.

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Your Throwback Thursday video this week features the 2002 Minnesota Vikings season, Mike Tice‘s first season as head coach, who, not so coincidentally, is currently the offensive line coach for the Chicago Bears.

Happy Birthday to cornerback Cedric Griffin (28).