Daily Chat: Amazing Powers Of Concentration


Amazing powers of concentration: That is what the Vikings are going to need from here on out but most especially from today till Sunday.

I said before the Patriots game that though I expected the Vikings to lose that game, the season was still in hand considering how weak the NFC in general, and the NFC North in particular are.

That was before Randy Moss was released. The mess surrounding Moss’ release has created uncertainty both on and off the field. Uncertainty in how the Vikings offense will adjust (or will not) to the absence of the Moss Cushion defenses allowed them and uncertainty in the head coach’s decision making.

The good news is the Vikings offense played its best game last Sunday. Brett Favre was at his sharpest directing the offense, protecting the ball (the one interception was on Percy Harvin), and finding his receivers. The running game was a machine in the fist half.

The question is how much of the Vikings’ offensive success was due to the fact that Moss was on the field. Percy Harvin has had a string of standout performances since Moss joined the team due to the room defenses afforded Moss and because it allowed Harvin to return to his natural position in the slot.

Will the offense be able to perform as well as it did without Moss on the field and with no Sidney Rice to replace him? It’s hard to believe it will.

I believe Sunday’s game against the Cardinals is a must-win if this season is to be salvaged, as much for what it means to team chemistry as it does for their record.

If the Vikings lose, at home, to a 3-4 team with a rookie quarterback, how much faith can the team have in themselves, let alone Brad Childress?

To guard Steve Hutchinson on November 1. Hutchinson turned 33.