Frampton Comes Alive…Again

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For the longest time, I’ve told anyone who would listen about my brilliant idea for creating a permanent record of your personal concert experience in perpetuity, much like photo albums have served as a record of a family’s experience.

Most concerts (as opposed to nightclub and small theater performances) now include a video stream of the concert so that fans in the nosebleed seats can enjoy the concert better.

Why not take advantage of that video in order to create a new revenue stream for the band/musician?

So here’s my idea:

Set up video booth kiosks–much like the photo booths where you sit with your friends and get a series of three snapshots taken–in which you can get a video recording before the concert with your friends about how excited you are about the concert. Then after the concert, you return to record your reactions to the concert and, for an additional fee, you get a DVD with video footage of the actual concert you’ve just attended bookended by videos you recorded of you and your friends.

Would you pay an extra ten or twenty bucks for that? I would.

I was delighted to see that Peter Frampton has stolen my idea (though I don’t recall telling it to him)…sort of.

For each venue of Frampton Comes Alive 35–the concert tour celebrating the thirty-fifth anniversary of the release of the musician’s megahit album, Frampton Comes Alive–you can buy the actual audio recording of the performance you attended.

It’s not video, but it’s the same concept: It is the MeTailing of music. Personalizing the product by capturing the actual experience for the consumer to relive again and again.

Here’s Peter Frampton performing Do You Feel Like We Do? in 1975 on the Midnight Special television show (
Found at YouTube from fraudiay):

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