Video Game Medals

May 20, 2010

What if you could have an actual pin-on medal for your video game accomplishments?

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Red Dead Redemption

May 16, 2010

Watch the trailer for Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games’ open-world, wild west shoot-em-up videogame.

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HDTV Buying Guide

January 25, 2006

David Erickson’s HDTV Buying Guide

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Xbox 360 Specs – High Definition Gaming

November 9, 2005

The Xbox 360 specs reveal the power to help video games along the path to the holy grail of gaming: photorealism.

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Halo – The Movie

August 23, 2005

I’m fascinated with Halo, the movie, because I’m a fan of the game but also because it interests me as a pop culture phenomenon and from a marketing perspective.

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Bourne Identity Video Games

August 17, 2005

Vivendi Universal Games has bought the video game design rights to Robert Ludlum’s ouvre.

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eXpensive Xbox 360

August 17, 2005

Microsoft has announced the pricing for their next-generation console Xbox 360 and it’s gonna be mighty expensive.

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The Problem With HUDs

August 13, 2005

Heads Up Displays (HUDs) are inhibiting the realism of video games.

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Madden 2006 Is Out

August 9, 2005

The media blitz has begun. Actually, it began quite some time ago but it has stepped up now that Madden NFL 06 is in stores. I unfolded my Star Tribune this morning and saw on the top banner of the front page a Madden-generated Ken Irvin (why Ken Irvin, I don’t know) next to a…

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Xbox Video Gaming Chair/Racing Wheel/Joystick

June 14, 2005

What racing games need is a full-sized, ergonomic video gaming chair that requires no configuration with your favorite game. This is needed is because the video game racing wheels on the market don’t quite cut it. I’ve tried both leading racing wheels and both are disappointing in a some significant way. I tried them on…

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