Rep. Mark Kennedy Vs. Patty Wetterling

October 21, 2004

I’ve got two pieces on the Kennedy/Wetterling race in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District at my Minnesota politics site: Running Against A Symbol discusses how hard it is for Representative Mark Kennedy to run against Patty Wetterling when you consider that she is the perfect cultural fit for this moment in American history, when a parent’s…

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An Early Halloween For Senator Mark Dayton

October 15, 2004

Senator Mark Dayton continued to explain himself on Friday on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midday program, where he took calls and defended his decision to close his office due to potential terrorist attack. My first reaction to the news that Dayton would close his DC office, was that he had just provided supporting evidence for those…

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Clinton Speaks

September 9, 2004

God, it’s fun to be a state in play. When you’re in play, you can watch the presidential race unfold from your doorstep. Such was the case yesterday, when both vice presidential candidates dropped in for Labor Day: Dick Cheney visited the State Fair on the last day of the fair and John Kerry‘s running…

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Maureen Dowd

August 24, 2004

New York Times columnist and unofficial Bush family psychologist Maureen Dowd is out selling her new book, Bushworld. I saw her on Real Time with Bill Maher and, man does she look uncomfortably out of her element; she seems very awkward and almost at pains to answer interview questions. For someone who has been reading…

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