Sidekick II Arrives

So I finally got my Sidekick II.

It arrived, I plugged it in to charge it. I slipped my SIM card in…a n d….it had to activate.

No problem, I guess. I could wait the hour or two I was told it would take to activate when I ordered it. But then two hors turned into five and impatient me called T-Mobile "customer care" and learned that two hours or so actually means up to 48 hours. That’s about 46 hours longer than my patience can tolerate.

Shit. I would have to wait. An entire day. You cannot possibly understand how painful that is.

So tomorrow comes (which is actually today) and I wake up and the damn phone is still "waiting to activate." Two hours later I’m at the office and still, "waiting to activate."


So, of course I call "Customer Care" again and this time I actually feel like I’m being cared for: The woman recognizes that there is clearly a problem and actually sounds bound and determined to fix it.

After checking this and checking that and generally getting nowhere, she tells me to shut down my Sidekick II, pull out the SIM card, and read her the number on it.

The number is okay, so I slip it back in and turn the thing on again a n d…no more waiting to activate. I can actually do stuff. Make calls. Send email. Update my blog.

I should’ve known. When all else fails, reboot.

(Damn. I never realized there was such a thing as thumb-fatigue!)