Q Fanatic BBQ

Q Fanatic is my new go-to restaurant whenever I’m in the area. Located in Champlin, Minnesota, the place is tucked away in a little strip mall just off Highway 169.

Words, photos nor video can do justice to the most charming thing about the place: The moment you walk through the door of Q Fanatic, you’re hit with a wall of smokey, St. Louis barbecue aroma. The ribs are wonderful, of course, but try the sandwiches, too. My favorite thus far is the rib tip sandwich with Espresso BBQ sauce.

Though I love this place, some of the sides have kept it from being a 100% positive experience. My mashed potatoes for one meal tasted just…weird. They only tasted normal after I brought the leftovers home, threw some garlic and sour cream on them and reheated. Also, I’ve tasted bland, uninspired coleslaw before, but I’ve never had slaw that was too vinegary. Until now, that is.

Nevertheless, Q Fanatic is well worth a visit…and return visits.