Summit Beer

On September 25, 1986, Minnesota’s best home brew, , was born. It’s not surprising that this momentous event went overlooked at the time.

On September 25, 1986, there were .

On September 25, 1986, , the president of the Philipines, went into exile in the US after a 20 year rule and was replaced by , who became that country’s first woman president. But you couldn’t have hoisted a nice cold Summit Beer in celebration.

On September 25, 1986, President appointed appointed to Supreme Court of the United States.

On September 25, 1986, the were 65-86 before they . Twins pitcher lost to the Royals’ . went 2 for 5, driving in for the Twins only run. It was ‘s 13th major league game as a head coach. The Twins woud finish 71-91, just edging out the Seattle Mariners for possession of the cellar of the American League’s Western Division. the following year. But if you’d gone to the game that day at the Metrodome, you couldn’t have ordered a Summit Beer in the third inning.

On September 25, 1986, an 1884-S Barber Head dime was sold for $83,000 in a California coin auction.

The week of September 25, 1986, you could have heard singing Stuck With You and singing Amanda. On September 25, 1986, , watching bad movies on HBO and preparing for and playing a gig at Stashe’s. But no one at Stashe’s was drinking Summit Beer.

On September 25, 1986, you could have chosen to see , , , , , , , , or at your local movie theater.

On September 25, 1986, the books on your bedside table could have included It by ; Red Storm Rising by ; Whirlwind by ; The Bourne Supremacy by ; Hollywood Husbands by ; Fatherhood by ; His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra by ; The Rotation Diet by ; Word for Word by ; and James Herriot’s Dog Stories by .

On September 25, 1985, you would have watched the following shows on TV: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; or

In fact, , you wouldn’t have been able to have a nice, cold Summit Beer. But fortunately for us Minnesotans, our state’s best craft beer, Summit Beer, is now fairly widely available.

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