Thursday Play Of The Day

This was the Play Of the Day (POD) for our Thursday on September 6, 2007:

One reason Ned can make amazing plays is his vast wingspan. He’s known as The Hand because he puts that wingspan to such good use by getting The Hand consistently on the ball, be it offensively or defensively.

Ned put The Hand to superb use last Thursday when he was running a drag route. His quarterback led him the wrong way by throwing a horrible pass way behind Ned as he was crossing the field. The ball was heading directly to the waiting arms of a defender for an easy pick. You could see his eyes widen and his thoughts turn upfield as the ball spiraled toward him.

But the anticipation of a sure interception return for a score was rudely interrupted as Ned reached wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back behind him with The Hand and, impossibly, scooped the ball from the air and continued upfield for a good gain but a superb save.

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