Saturday Play Of The Day

This was the Play Of the Day (POD) for our Saturday on July 21, 2007:

Rob Wilson gets Play Of the Day for going up and coming down with a pass that was fought over by two other players. The defender on the play was perfectly positioned to break up the play and got his hand on the ball to knock it away. But Wilson and his teammate KT went up for the ball at the same time as the defender, with both clamping onto the ball, as well. As they came down, it was KT and Wilson who had the ball and both were still fighting for it, not realizing that they were teammates. After a moment of struggle, KT realized who Rob was and let go of the ball so Wilson could take it to the house.

Special mention has to go to Delicious for his body of work on Saturday. Not only did he catch numerous balls by finding the open spot in the zone, he threw a handful of crucial blocks to spring teammates for scores or long gains and he picked off a few balls as well, scoring on one of them.

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