Saturday Play Of The Day

This was the Play Of the Day (POD) for our Saturday on September 22, 2007:

Ahk was lined up against a receiver significantly taller than himself. Seeing the "mismatch," the quarterback eyed his tall receiver. The receiver ran a fly down the sideline past Ahk. No matter. Ahk turned his back to the quarterback, ran to the spot, turned back to find the ball, got up and swatted the ball away.

Again!, he urged. The quarterback and receiver complied, this time on a shorter route. But Ahk was there, climbed the ladder, and knocked the ball to the ground.

Surely three times is a charm, the quarterback must’ve been thinking because he went back to the well for a third time but little did he know, the well had been dry all along. Ahk was there a third time to knock the ball down.

And for that series of dominating plays, Ahk earned the Play(s) of the Day.

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