Herschel Walker’s Viking Debut

Herschel Walker wants back in. At 48 years old, 13 years removed from his last pro action, Herschel Walker wants to suit up for the Vikings or the Falcons and make a comeback, the Sporting News reported.

And Adrian Peterson‘s all like, “Oh, I’m soooooooo scaaaaaarrred.”

Herschel, you may not remember, was the original Final Piece of the puzzle to get the Vikings to the promised land back in 1989. The Vikings general manager Mike Lynn traded away the team’s future to get a star running back, the only position the hyper-talented squad lacked. 18 players were involved in the trade that built the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl dynasty of the nineties.

The trade is so infamous, it has got its own Wikipedia entry.

So, for Throwback Thursday, I give you the highlights of Herschel’s first game in Purple against the Green Bay Packers.