Daily Chat: Vikings vs. Bills Quick Take

Well that was a lot more fun, wasn’t it? Who would’a thought that this team was capable this year of completely dominating a team?



I can no longer say Sidney Rice was a non-factor. Yesterday, he as a Factor, capital F.

His first touchdown was a patented Sidney Rice catch, going up and over his defender and ultimately taking the ball away from two defenders on his way to the end zone.

Nevermind the 107 yards on sixteen carries and three touchdowns…How ’bout that run?

How ’bout Adrian Peterson blowing by the entire Bills defense and eating up the angle free safety Jarius Byrd most certainly thought he had?

That was underwhelming.

The Good: He may have played his best game as a pro yesterday. He was certainly the most composed I’ve ever seen him play.

The second touchdown pass he threw to Sidney Rice in the corner of the end zone was a perfectly placed, tight spiral; easy to catch and put only where Rice could get it.

The jump pass he made to Greg Camarillo on a drag route could not have been a better lead, hitting Camarillo in stride.

He made the right reads on many plays and had plenty of nice tosses. And Jackson was able to make things happen with his legs, gaining 22 yards on two carries, and drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty with his fine acting skills.

But then…

The Bad: I feel a bit like a jerk for bringing it up because he seems like such a nice guy who just can’t catch a break: First he has the misfortune of having Brad Childress in his corner his whole career then along comes Brett Favre to take his job away. Yet still…

All three of Tarvaris Jackson‘s interception were earned.

On his first, he stared down his receiver, tipping off to the defender where the ball was going so he could get a jump on it. It was also thrown to the receiver’s inside, giving the defender a much better chance to pick the ball.

The play is emblematic of why I do not think Jackson is our quarterback of the future.

Not staring down your receiver is one of the first things young NFL quarterback need to learn if they want to become old NFL quarterbacks. Jackson still hasn’t learned that fundamental skill after five years in the league.

The second interception was another inaccurate pass high and behind Greg Camarillo on a crossing route, so Camarillo had to reach behind him, deflecting it up for an easy pick.

The third interception was simply an ill-advised pass deep into double coverage, thrown as Jackson was back on his heels.

Jackson would have had four interceptions were it not for Sidney Rice‘s amazing athletic ability. Instead, he got credit for a touchdown pass.

And he completely missed a wide open Bernard Berrian on third down for lack of touch.

The play on which Brett Favre got knocked from the game perfectly illustrates an unfortunately common aspect of Bryant McKinnie‘s game. It was McKinnie’s man, Arthur Moats, who nailed Favre.

After he initially shoved Moats past Favre, McKinnie stood and watched the rest of the play as Moats circled around and nailed Favre in the back.

McKinnie didn’t get after Moats; he watched as his guy drove his quarterback into the ground and out of the game.

The rookie guard Chris DeGeare did a fine job overall. I was most impressed with his drive-blocking and playing through the whistle. I wonder how he’d look at left tackle?

Is this what can be called a Fred Pagac Defense?

Seriously: Where have you been all my life?

Pressure. Interceptions. Hard Hits. Fumbles. Goal line stands. With possibly the sole exception of…you guessed it!…Madieu Williams, that was a lights out performance.


Yeah, I know; the Bills were 2-10, now 2-11.

But they’re a 2-11 team that has only been blow out this season twice before and they’ve hung with most of the teams they’ve played, including nearly beating Pittsburgh, Chicago, Kansas City, Baltimore, Jacksonville and New England.

Those are all tough, winning teams.

So you’re objections are noted, Killjoy.

The Droid X phone’s autocorrect corrects “Leslie Frazier” to “Leslie Crazier.”