Daily Chat: Us Against Them



Gotta love a little Us Against Them action!

Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards is all about it. The NFL is hating on Jared Allen, telling him he’ll be fined and penalized if he does his calf-rope routine…seven years after he started doing it.

Edwards himself has had his ass fined all over the place, collecting two fines totaling $10,000 last week alone.

The Pioneer PressJeremy Fowler has got the quotes: “I think they just hate the Vikings. I was watching games, guys get holding calls. If you watch our tape, we get held more than anybody and we don’t get those calls. I guess because we’re outlaws; that’s just how it goes.”

Love. It.

Hey, I’m perfectly willing to go along. I mean, the officials haven’t been calling the penalties and they did give the NFC Championship game to the Saints, so, you know, it’s not like Edwards is making stuff up out of thin air.

I’m willing to go along but I’m also willing to admit that this feels a lot like the Us Against The World mentality teams adopt when they’ve got their backs against the wall.

Not that that’s a bad thing.

Sidney Rice has apparently been working out on an anti-gravity treadmill, according to Pioneer PressJeremy Fowler‘s report.


Dude. I totally want one!

The reason athletes use anti-gravity treadmills is so they can work on distance running and intensity without suffering from the impact that type of running would normally incur because these treadmills can remove up to 80% of a person’s weight. Found at YouTube from competitor.

Hall of Famer and former All World Vikings defensive tackle and current state supreme court justice Alan Page will sign his new book, All Rise: The Remarkable Journey of Alan Page, at the Mall of America this Saturday from 1-2:30 p.m. in the Nordstrom court. Proceeds will go to the Page Education Foundation.

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