Daily Chat: 10 Things For Which Vikings Fans Can Be Thankful

These are the things for which I think we can all give thanks:

  1. Zygi Wilf – Quibble if you want about his restraint in the better-late-than-never firing of Brad Childress; argue if you will that he wants a new stadium; the fact is this franchise has never had a better owner, an owner more willing to invest what it takes to bring home a Super Bowl ring. Best of all, from all accounts, he appears to be as much of a football fan as he is a businessman.
  2. Leslie Frazier – Right now, this is more about the fact that he’s not Brad Childress than that he’s our current coach. But I’m optimistic. Frazier appears to be what the team needs and, given our past history with former coaches (Pete Carroll, Monte Kiffin, Brian Billick, Tony Dungy, Mike Tomlin) that have gone on to do great things, I’m hopeful Fraizer’s a keeper.
  3. Brett Favre – Whether or not you think he’s having a good year, he’s one of the most enjoyable quarterbacks to watch play the game. Besides, we’ll always have 2009.
  4. Percy Harvin – Here’s for forgiveness and second chances! Harvin fell to the Vikings because other teams were scared away because the dude tested positive for pot prior to the draft. The Vikings did their due diligence and decided to give Havin the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Antoine Winfield – Because regardless of how anyone else is playing on defense, this year, injury free, Winfield has consistently rocked.
  6. Personnel Brain Trust – Thanks are due to the entire front office in general but specifically to Rob Brzezinski, Rick Spielman, George Paton, and Scott Studwell because overall, they’ve had more hits than misses with regard to bringing in the talent the Vikings need to compete, whether it’s through the draft, trades or free agency.
  7. The Internet – What better invention to come along for a Vikings fanatic than the Internet? Let a thousand flowers bloom. Thanks to the Internets we can get all the photos, video, stories, commentary and conversation about our favorite team as we could possibly desire.
  8. Twitter – Without Twitter, would we be privy to the comedy stylings of @ChrisWarcraft, the defiance of @B_Twice, the partying of @BryantMcKinnie, or @VShiancoe‘s diet?
  9. Madden 11 – On paper this team should be headed to the Super Bowl but sadly we’re all faced with the fact that though statistically there’s still a chance,  realistically there is not a chance in hell we’ll be playing in February.But with a lineup of Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and Visanth(e) Shiancoe on offense and Jared Allen, the Williams Wall, Ray Edwards, Antoine Winfield, Cedric Griffin, Chad Greenway, Ben Leber, and E.J. Henderson on defense, we can at least experience our Super Bowl season virtually and vicariously through our video game consoles.

    This lineup is unstoppable.

  10. Blogging – I personally have to give a shout out to blogging because without this platform it would be much harder to find fellow Vikings fans with which to share my passion. So, thank you all for sharing sharing the love!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!