Daily Chat: The Trouble With Harvin


The collapse and eventual hospitalization of Percy Harvin due to migraine headaches yesterday provided some extremely scary drama for the Vikings and their fans yesterday.

Mike Max provided a first-hand account of the incident to Chad Hartman yesterday.

Thankfully, it appears Havin will be released from the hospital today.

Considering how frequently Harvin has been hit with these migraines, some are questioning the decision to even pick the guy in the draft.

All you need to know about that: Rookie of the Year.

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen interviewed former Broncos running back Terrell Davis, who suffered himself from migraine headaches, about Percy Harvin‘s collapse, asking what Davis would say if someone from “the Harvin camp” called him.

Percy Havin has a camp?

He was a rookie last year. Isn’t he too young to have a “camp?” [Watch the interview.]

WCCO TV’s Jason DeRusha has been there, done that with regard to Percy Harvin‘s migraines, having devoted a Good Question to the subject last week.  [Watch It.]

This is a familiar story. There’s a schism in the locker room. We heard the same type of story upon Brett Favre‘s exit from the Jets; that he was a diva, that he dressed alone in his own private locker area.

Now we have Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports citing anonymous sources speaking with disdain for Childress sending assistant coaches out to mislead the press for him about the Captains Contingent’s whereabouts.

The article goes on to cite anonymous sources saying that Brett Favre has no respect for Brad Childress, that he thinks the coach has no clue when it comes to offense.

There are several reasons to be skeptical:

  1. The article is by a national reporter, who more often than not have little depth of understanding of the teams they cover – a mile wide and an inch deep
  2. We haven’t heard this story from our Vikings beat reporters
  3. Anonymous sources
  4. Anonymous sources
  5. Anonymous sources

First, there’s no doubt that Favre is a diva. Most Hall of Fame-caliber quarterbacks are. Fran Tarkenton was. It comes with the territory. But football teams are filled with big egos, not just at the quarterback position.

Who knows what the motivations were of Cole’s alleged sources? It could’ve been Jaymar Johnson who just got bumped from the roster, in part to make room for Favre. Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels might have some emotional motivation for hating on Favre and Childress.

It’s a little unfair to cite those players as examples but I do so to make the point that we simply do not know who is saying these things nor why.

Fran Tarkenton must’ve heard me. A day after I asked why Fran the Man had not piped in on Favre’s re-return to the Vikings, given his criticism of Brett Favre last year, the Pioneer PressBob Sansevere does a Q & A with the legendary quarterback in which Fran holds his tongue, saying he’s done saying anything about Favre.

WCCO TV’s Mark Rosen‘s report about Wally Hilgenberg covers the new link between traumatic head injuries and ALS, research discovered due to the donation of Hilgenberg’s brain and spinal cord to the research. Rosen interviews the Hilgenberg family.

This is a huge issue which I believe is prevalent throughout the league and remains to date largely unaddressed. Ultimately, I believe this issue will be addressed by the league but it may dramatically alter the nature of the game.

The segment was produced by Gregg Litman and includes some great old skool footage from Hilgenberg’s career as a Viking.  [Watch it.]

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