Daily Chat: The Final Cut



The Vikings got a fifth round pick and a conditional pick from the New York Giants in the trade for quarterback Sage Rosenfels and running back/kick returner Darius Reynaud.

NFL Network reporter Jason LaCanfora reported that the 5th round pick is in the 2011 draft and the conditional pick is for the 2012 draft.

That’s actually a round better than I thought the Vikings could get for Rosenfels, given how everyone knew we were going to unload him. I figured we’d get a six-round pick at best but probably a 7th rounder.

You gotta feel for Rosenfels, who came into town figuring he’d have to compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the staring position. You have to figure he was pretty confident about his ability to seize that spot and then here comes Brett Favre waltzing into town to steal the show.

It appears, though, that Rosenfels never had a chance, stuck as he was, inexplicably, as the third quarterback.

He’s not going to be starting in New York as long as Eli Manning is on the active squad but at least he’ll be the actual backup.

I’m sad to see Darius Reynaud leaving but there was a logjam at running back and the Vikings Percy Harvin ain’t so bad at returning kicks, so Reynaud was expendable.

Good for both of them.

The Rosenaud trade brings the Vikings roster down to 73, meaning they need to cut 20 by 5 p.m. CST today. So let’s get to it. Who gets cut?

Kicker: Rhys Lloyd, despite a strong last preseason game, will be cut. The Vikings can afford two kickers while they’re so thin at other positions.

Offensive Line: Chris Clark‘s ass is cut…with a vengeance. He will clear waivers and the Vikings won’t put him on the practice squad. Thomas Austin, Adrian Battles and Patrick Brown, will also get cut. Drew Radovich will be the tough decision but he’ll end up getting cut as well.

Running Backs: Ian Johnson will be cut. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I’m thinking Nafahu Tahi finally doesn’t make the cut but the Vikings keep rookie Ryan D’Imperio because he offers much more flexibility and athleticism from the fullback position and there’s not much of a drop-off when it comes to blocking.

Tight Ends: This one is tough. Jeff Dugan had a horrible preseason and Garrett Mills was tantalizing with flashes of brilliance. Problem is, Dugan has, this preseason excepted, been consistently solid. And Mills has been consistently injured. So here’s the thing: Because the Vikings will cut rookie tight end Mickey Shuler and will be confident he’ll slip through waivers so the team can stash him on the practice squad, they’ll cut Dugan in favor of the promise of Garrett Mills.

Wide Receivers: The easy cuts are Taye Biddle, Freddie Brown, and Marquis Hamilton. Logan Payne made a heroic run but faded toward the end. Javon Walker has Brett Favre on his side, his knee seems to be fine, he made the type of touchdown catch that proves you’ve got red zone threat capability, and he demonstrated he can block, a big asset in a Brad Childress offense. So Walker makes the team and the Vikings hope Logan Payne slips through waivers.

I don’t know why because I didn’t see it on the field in the games, but don’t be surprised if they put Taye Biddle on the practice squad as well. Considering how poorly he played during the preseason, it’s a surprise he’s still on the roster, so the coaches must see something in him that we don’t.

Defensive Line: You start with rookie Everson Griffen, who many people were saying was a first-round talent that the Vikings stole in the fourth round. He didn’t show much in the preseason but he’s gonna make the squad.

The Vikings are lousy with defensive line talent, so a trade is definitely a possibility. But if they don’t make a trade, I see them cutting Mike Montgomery and Tremaine Johnson with the hopes of putting Johnson on the practice squad.

Linebackers: Erin Henderson rocked this preseason. Heath Farwell and Kenny Onatolu are special teams aces. That leaves Golden Gopher Nate Triplett on the outs.

Defensive Backs: This is easy. Colt Anderson (who they’ll hope clears waivers), another Golden Gopher, Marcus Sherels, and DeAndre Wright all get cut.

Found at YouTube from Back2TFuture.

I’m sorry, but the Minnesota Lottery commercials featuring John Randle are STOOPID. Let’s break it down: A woman turns into John Randle in a puff of purple smoke (why??) and then John jump-starts the car with his biceps for the remaining women while they fawn and scream. Huh? [Watch.]

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