Daily Chat: Sharpless



Social Media Guru Darren Sharper will not be on the field Thursday to zero in on the X spot on Favre’s ankle. Like Sidney Rice, he’s starting the season on the PUP.

Less important than seeing Sharper back up all his big talk (we’ve seen Sharp’s aversion to contact first hand, after all) is his experience and knowledge that will absent Thursday, as the Pioneer PressJeremy Fowler points out. Sharper was responsible for nine of the Saints’ 39 turnovers last year.

In addition to being a smart football player, Sharper knows quarterback Brett Favre as well as anyone, having lined up against him during countless practices in Green Bay. If anyone’s got a good handle on Favre’s tendencies, Sharp does.

Second year man Malcolm Jenkins will play Sharper’s free safety position. Jenkins was a cornerback last year. His first taste of the free safety position will be against Favre.

2 1/2
The number of fumbles Adrian Peterson was charged with during the NFC Championship game. I’m being kind. Most people credit Brett Favre with the other half fumble but I’d be more inclined to credit Peterson with all three, given his history.

Peterson, though, claims he’s got a solution. And it’s the one we’ve heard all along:

High and tight. Hold the ball high and tight. At least it appears Peterson is finally taking his fumbling problem seriously.

So we’ll see.

Defensive end Brian Robison‘s new hairstyle.

Here’s some bulletin board fodder for the New Orleans Saints to get all worked up about:

Adrian Peterson said on Vikings Gameday: “It means a lot, you know, to start the regular season going back, and just basically like a rematch…I know a lot of guys are definitely excited about it, to go down there and beat up on them.”

And you gotta love big Pat Williams. He goes all Old Skool: “I’ve been thinking about it all summer…I’m from Louisiana so, trust me, I was cussing people out twice a day. So, I’m already built up for it. It’s real personal for me because I…basically I dislike the Saints. I dislike Louisiana but I live there…So I dislike everything about Louisiana.”

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