Daily Chat: Randy, Come Home



It’s highly unlikely it’s going to happen, but it’s a pretty picture to think about, anyway: Randy Moss in Purple again.

Judd Zulgad reports that it looks like the Vikings checked into the possibility of signing Vincent Jackson, but his demands were as outrageous to the Vikes as they were to Seattle, who backed out after hearing what Jackson wanted.

Jackson wants $10 million a year, he’s sitting on a three game suspension and two of three strikes with the league due to DUI arrests.

But what about Moss?

Brett Favre lobbied the Packers hard to get Moss and was reportedly one of the reasons he was miffed with Packers management when they refused to go get Randy.

Given the talent on this Vikings team and the hairs-breadth closeness the Vikes got to a Super Bowl berth last season and given the fact that the team is led by a Hall of Fame quarterback coming off a career season, it’s not unreasonable to believe coming home might have some appeal for Moss.

Finally, it’s pretty clear that the Wilfs are quite determined to win a championship. They’ve certainly shown themselves willing to spend what’s needed to reach the Super Bowl.

The only problem would be prying Moss loose from the grip of The Cheaters. The New England Patriots have some very astute talent in the front office who have a long history of making great deals for themselves. I’ve no doubt the Vikings brain trust will not pull a Mike Lynn, but Moss will come at a high price.

But that price should be worth playing if now is time.

Given the receiver situation and given Favre‘s historical fondness for tossing to his tight ends, a healthy Garrett Mills (I know, I know) could help alleviate some of the pressure on the wide outs.

Mills has demonstrated he’s got the ability to stretch the field and we know that Visanthe Shiancoe can, so imagine what the Vikings offense might look like with both of them on the field in two tight end sets.

More often than not, Favre would likely to get favorable matchups on linebackers.

It was clear last season that Brett Favre and Bernard Berrian were not exactly on the same page all the time. Favre’s favorite targets were Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe.

That might’ve been partly due to a lack of reps in the preseason but it was also due no doubt to Berrian’s hamstring problems.

If Berrian is healthy, it will give the Vikings a deep threat option we didn’t really have last year but once you’ve had issues with your hamstrings, tend to flare up again.

The conventional wisdom is that Javon Walker is washed up.

But is he? And can you make that judgment based on one brief period of practice yesterday that reporters were privy to?

The answer, of course, is no. But then, the professional football talkers have been saying Walker is washed up since rumors of the Vikings interest in Walker first surfaced.

Let’s take a look.

Walker’s two monster seasons came in 2004 and 2006. 2004, of course, was his breakout season in Green Bay as one of Favre’s favorite receiver.

Walker blew out his ACL in 2005 and missed the entire season.

In 2006, he came back from that ACL injury to gain more than 1,000 yards on 69 receptions and 8 touchdowns (and scored another on a 72 yard rushing play). His quarterbacks in Denver that year were Jake Plummer and then-rookie Jay Cutler.

Plummer was no Brett Favre and Cutler certainly isn’t, plus he was a rookie.

So it’s not exactly like Walker needs an elite quarterback to do some damage.

If you throw out the 2005 season that he sat out due to his ACL injury and if you add up the games Walker started from 2007-2009, which was 12, Walker is essentially a five year veteran rather than the nine year veteran he is on paper.

There’s an argument to be made that Walker does not have the wear and tear you’d expect from a guy at this point in his career.

I’m willing to suspend judgment on Walker till I actually see him play.

Let’s remember, too, that Brett Favre can make pedestrian receivers into Pro Bowlers. Maybe Sidney Rice just isn’t that good?

More important than the mess we now have on our hands with our receiving depth is our highly suspect offensive line.

Starter John Sullivan has been nowhere to be seen this offseason. His backup Jon Cooper has such the confidence of his coaches that they are willing to test Anthony Herrera in his stead.

Bryant McKinnie is what he is: A Large Left Tackle. They’re hard to come by, I know, but McKinnie is not an elite player; he’s an average run-blocker and below average in pass protection.

I’m sure the Vikings are keeping their eye out for some offensive line help because their depth is atrocious but the center situation in particular is troubling, given the importance of the position.

Shouldn’t the Vikes be bringing in Kevin Mawae for a looksee?