Daily Chat: Pot For Percy?

Percy Harvin is apparently seeing another specialist for his migraines.

But after all the specialist he’s seen thus far, after a trip to Mayo, what’s left?

Perhaps some pot would be perfect for Percy’s predicament? Some medicinal marijuana?

Remember, Percy Harvin screened positive for pot at the NFL scouting combine, leading to a great deal of derision and to him thankfully falling to the Vikings in the draft.

Might Percy have been self-medicating, smoking the blunts to blunt the effect of his paralyzing migraines?

The FDA, after all, has approved the use of medicinal marijuana to relieve nausea and vomiting in cancer patients, two of the major effects of migraine headaches.

Kevin Seifert, a former Minnesota Vikings beat writer who now covers the NFC North for  ESPN (and who, by the way, predicts the Packers will win the North…traitor), points out that Harvin has already shot this explanation of his sweet leaf scouting combine use down.

Percy told Elizabeth Merrill:

He didn’t do it for medicinal purposes. Harvin will confirm that he does suffer from severe migraines, with pain so intense at times that it makes him vomit and impairs his vision, but says he didn’t smoke pot to alleviate any headache. He didn’t do it to escape financial stresses, either. In a few months, Harvin was projected to be a top-10 draft pick.

“I didn’t look at it and think of all the stuff or all the people that I might’ve let down at the time,” Harvin says. “Of course, I thought about it afterwards. I was disappointed with myself. I had let myself down, my family down, the University of Florida down. So it was probably one of the worst days of my life.

But what else could he have said?

He could hardly have said yes, he was self-medicating. That would have both extended the life of the story, which wouldn’t have served Harvin’s interest in getting drafted, and it would have put the league in a no-win situation where it would likely have had to address the idea of potential exemptions from punishment.

So I ask, half in jest, are the Vikings at risk of losing Havin when his contract expires? Might he seek, shall we say, greener pastures…in perhaps Oakland or San Diego or San Francisco?

The number of tweets tweeted from the 19 Vikings fans who participated in our inaugural Minnesota Vikings Twitter chat. TRANSCRIPT.

He may be taking snaps for only a series or two, but Brett Favre will redirect the spotlight to himself from his fellow QBs even when he’s not on the field. At halftime tonight, NBC will air an interview Al Michaels conducted with Favre.

Locally, Vikings GamePlan will are on KARE 11 and FSN from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. this morning.

The Vikings play at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park tonight at 7 PM, Central. It will be broadcast locally on NBC/KARE 11 TV and on KFAN 1130AM  and on Sirius satellite radio channel 125. It’s possible the NFL will broadcast the site on NFL.com.  Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth will man the booth.

Brett Favre will play a series or two tonight, TJax will play the rest of the half, Sage Rosenfels will take the second half with Joe Webb possibly getting some snaps late.

E.J. Henderson will mark his remarkable return with a quarter of play. Asher Allen and Lito Sheppard will rotate at corner. Rookie Chris Gook will replace Antoine Winfield after one series.

Center Jon Sullivan, receivers Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin and Cedric Griffin will not play tonight.


  • I’ll be interested to see how Tarvaris Jackson handles the 3-4 defense in general and the best linebacker in the league, Patrick Willis, in particular.
  • I’d love to see Adrian Peterson pick up some blitzes and hold the ball high and tight.
  • I want to know if Toby Gerhart‘s impressive debut was a fluke.
  • I want to see Ryan D’Imperio wrest control of the fullback position from the clutches of Nafahu Tahi.
  • I want to see the offensive line dominate.
  • I’ll be delighted to see E.J. Henderson back on the field.
  • I am going to enjoy getting an extended look at Asher Allen, Lito Sheppard and Chris Cook at the corners.
  • I want to see a safety, any safety, just once, intercept a pass…
  • …or just not be out of position.

Could anyone look less like an NFL expert than ESPN’s John Clayton? Slap a bow-tie on him be done with it.  Seriously.

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