Daily Chat: Old Skool

Is the New York Jets defense insanely awesome, or what? Yeah, they lost last night but still…Oh my gawd!

We gonna have our hands full in Week Five.



Ann Carroll‘s interview with Hall of Famer and former Vikings signal caller Warren Moon when he was in town to cover the preseason game against Seattle was revealing.

It shouldn’t be a surprise but it was clear from the interview that Moon is a football junkie, saying except for the physical part, he prepares for each broadcast the same as he did as a player. He breaks down tape of his team and the opponents in the same fashion he did when he was quarterbacking.

Moon also has the added benefit of being a former pro quarterback, so his understanding of the game is going to be, by virtue of the position, far beyond most people. That’s why the former quarterbacks who end up in the booth are typically much better than whomever they’re matched with.

From Pro Football Weekly: “With Rice out of the mix, the onus is on the all-purpose Harvin, an electric talent prone to short-circuiting due to on-and-off migraine headaches. With reported sleep apnea problems complicating matters, the second-year receiver appeared to prematurely break off a few of his routes against the Saints, clearly irritating Favre.”

So Percy Harvin‘s sleep apnea caused him to pull up on a route? Is that what you’re saying?

If you hadn’t noticed, the Vikings are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year and I gotta say, I’m liking all the Old Skool footage we’ve been seeing during the Vikings broadcasts and with the Show Your Horns TV spots, which, by the way, are not online. WTF?

The team premiered an NFL Films DVD, History of the Minnesota Vikings, yesterday at the Theatres at Mall of America for today’s release.

The two-DVD set covers the entire history of the team, from 1961 to the Brett Favre era. Having grown up with the team, I’m definitely looking forward to reliving the memories.

I’m this close to upgrading my G1 phone to a Droid X. I’ve been drooling over the Droid X for some time, so a when a friend of mine (who represents Verizon) offered to loan me his Droid X to try out, I jumped at the chance, of course.

I used the phone to participate in the #VikingsChat last Thursday during the game and it worked beautifully, so that’s a big plus for me. I’ve using an actual keyboard on my phones since forever, however, so adapting to the virtual keyboard took some getting used to.

Still, the thing rocks. It’s much faster than my G1/T-Mobile connection, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to switch.

The coolest thing for football fans, though, was the Verizon/NFL App. In addition to what you’d expect from such an app (scores, team and player stats, schedules, etc.), you get video clips of highlights and live streams of Thursday night, Saturday night and Sunday night games as well as the NFL RedZone, which is absolutely awesome.

The NFL RedZone, if you’ve never been, is an NFL Network channel that tunes in to every game whenever the action hits the 20 yard line, so you don’t miss a score from any game. Period. It’s so cool.

Having that on my phone = Cooler.

New PiPress Vikings beat reporter Jeremy Fowler has reinvigorated the nearly dormant Vikings Now blog. Sean Jensen updated the blog prior to moving on to Chicago but he never really quite got how to blog; Fowler is off to a good start.

The Onion is using Facebook and Twitter to offer running commentary during NFL games.


Here are the Facebook updates they provided during the Vikings/Saints matchup.

  • Minnesota Vikings Advice: If there was ever a time to intimidate a team by throwing a bunch of oil-soaked birds onto the 50-yard line, it is now.
  • Except for Matt, John, and Rick, Minnesota Vikings fans are pretty much ignorant, petulant bandwagoner
  • Drew Brees should take out the Lombardi trophy, hold it high above his head, and slam it to the turf so the Minnesota Vikings know he doesn’t give a fuck about anything.
  • After falling behind 7-0, the Minnesota Vikings still have unanswered questions in the secondary, such as “What’s a cornerback?” and “Who was supposed to cover that guy?”
  • Minnesota Vikings Advice: Defense should beware Sean Payton‘s tricks, such as out-coaching lesser opponents

Pass. I’m not answering these STOOPID questions. [Watch.]

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