Daily Chat: Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots Review



My quick takes on yesterday’s loss without having watched the tape:

Is it possible the Vikings have the most horriblest veteran starting safety in all of professional football, the CFL, UFL, and Arena Football included?

It is. Here’s why:

Tom Brady: Here, have an interception.
Madieu Williams: No thanks, why don’t you take a reception instead that will lead to a touchdown.

The sixty-five yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Brandon Tate was only the most egregious example in a long list of egregious examples of Williams taking a horrible angle and giving up a long play and/or a score as a result.

Williams was single-handedly responsible for 14 of the Patriots’ points: 7 directly and 7 indirectly.

Again, Percy Harvin had an awesome game with 104 receiving yards on 6 catches but the fantastic two-point conversion he pulled in during the fourth quarter does not make up for the interception he handed to Devin McCourty that led to a Pats’ touchdown.

You could see Brett Favre explaining to Brad Childress on the sidelines after the play that Harvin was trying to catch the ball with his arms rather than his hands.

Maybe, but it was also a good play by McCourty who ripped the ball from Harvin’s grasp.

Again, Adrian Peterson had an awesome game, gaining 142 all-purpose yards and one touchdown.

Brett Favre played his best game of the year yesterday, to no avail. It is amazing the guy was able to take questions during the post-game presser after taking that direct, helmet-to-chin shot late in the game.

Looked impressive from the outset, grinding the ball down the field with Adrian Peterson and taking advantage of the passing game when the opportunity arose. That’s an improvement.

I got to give a shout out to two players I complain about endlessly: Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and fullback Nafahu Tahi, who combined for a touchdown after Brett Favre was forced from the game.

It was a good play.

Of course, Tahi didn’t have a defender within a mile of him and all Jackson had to do was get the ball in the vicinity for the play to succeed.

On the following play, however, TJax threw a nice jump ball that Percy Harvin came down with, this time ensuring that he tapped both feet inbounds for the two-point conversion.

The thing is, just when you have something nice to say about Jackson, he reverts to form. During the Vikings subsequent series he demonstrates that he still can’t lead a receiver.