Daily Chat: Vikings Vs. Bears At The Bank

It’s Game Day. Here are some of the things I’ll be watching…



This is the biggest thing. With the season lost, I’m simply going to take it all in and soak in the spectacle of outdoor, snow football being played by my Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota for the first time since my childhood.

It is entirely fitting that the Vikings are hosting the Bears tonight, too. Old Skool all the way!

The forecast calls for snow, which makes tonight’s spectacle all the more kick-ass. Conventional wisdom has it that the weather favors the Bears because the Vikings are a dome team, and after hearing Vikings players whine about the field, it is hard not to agree.

But conventional wisdom had the weather favoring the Bears at home against the Patriots and that didn’t exactly pan out. Sure, the Vikings are no Patriots but it’s not like the Bears are delighted to be playing in these conditions.

The most appealing thing about tonight’s game, apart from the fact that it’s outdoors, is that we get to see what we’ve got in Joe Webb.

It’s a hell of a test for him.

It’s Webb’s first start.

It’s Monday Night Football.

It will be cold.

He will be “protected” by an offensive line that has struggled to protect all year long.

The Bears lead the division with an awesome defense and an offense that doesn’t lose games. That very same defense will devote all of their energy to stopping Adrian Peterson and putting the game into Webb’s hands to win.

How will Webb handle himself?

The good news for Webb is that he won’t have to rely solely on Adrian Peterson. Percy Harvin will be back in the lineup to complement Sidney Rice and Lorenzo Booker has shown he’s got some game, too.

Plus, there’s always Joe Webb.

Expect Webb to carry the ball a lot on his own. But I’d also think Leslie Frazier and the Vikings coaches will want to give Webb plenty of opportunities to show what he’s got as a potential starting quarterback.

Don’t think the Vikings won’t throw the ball at all.

The dude was exciting last week.

He’s got some shake. He’s got some bake. In addition to returning kicks, he’s a running back who can line up in the slot and run routes.

Is Lorenzo Booker another Percy Harvin? Could we be so fortunate?

If the Vikings are going to win this game, they’ll need to keep the offense on the field as much as possible to eat up the clock and keep the defense fresh.

The Vikings defense started out strong against the Giants but having to go right back out on the field after another three and punt, began to take its toll.

That’s a lot easier said than done, though; especially with a rookie quarterback who has a handful of snaps as experience. The offensive line really needs to step it up tonight.

The Vikings released their list of the 50 Greatest Vikings yesterday. I don’t agree with everyone on the list. I know it’s a 50 year celebration activity, but I think a more meaningful list would be a twenty greatest Vikings. I’ll work on one. In the meantime… [PERUSE & COMMENT on the 50 Greatest Vikings list.]

Cue Nelson Muntz: The Green Bay Packers not only lost last night, they lost while letting an offensive lineman run a kickoff back 71 yards against them! Hee hee hee! [WATCH Dan Connolly return a kickoff 71 yards against the Packers.]