Daily Chat: Everson Griffen Arrested



Vikings first-year defensive end Everson Griffen has been arrested, the Daily Trojan reports.

According to an LAPD spokeswoman, Griffen was pulled over on a routine traffic stop and when his license was discovered to be invalid, is alleged to have fled police and then assaulted one in the process of being subdued during which he was also tased.

Griffen has been taken into custody with bail set at $50,000, according to the LA Times.

1500ESPN.com’s Tom Pelissaro writes: “At a minimum, though, the arrest continues a disturbing pattern of irresponsibility on and off the field that prompted at least one NFL team to take Griffen off its draft board altogether,” and goes on to cite Griffen’s college-era brush with the law over loud music at a party and rumors of immaturity as a football player USC.

Sorry, but that doesn’t constitute a “disturbing pattern of irresponsibility” in my book.

Driving with an invalid license; sure, that’s a little irresponsible. But assaulting a police officer is far more serious than some youthful (and, by the way, Griffen is still only 23 years old), college mistakes.

If Griffen is proven guilty of that of which he is accused, then obviously he’ll need to pay the consequences. But you’ll forgive me for holding my breath when it comes to matters involving young black men and the LA Police Department.

Everson’s arrest does put more emphasis on looking more closely at defensive end depth in the draft, considering both Ray Edwards and Brian Robison could leave via free agency. [WATCH HIGHLIGHTS OF TOP 5 DEFENSIVE END DRAFT PROSPECTS.]


Happy Birthday yesterday to tight end Jimmy Kleinsasser (34)!