Daily Chat: Careful With That Tweet, Jaymar



Vikings wide receiver Jaymar Johnson has a bit more time on his hands than his fellow teammates who are not on Injured Reserve.

One way in which Johnson is filling that time is with Twitter contests for his fans.

Yesterday, Jaymar tweeted the following:

“2 show a lil love 2 my followers, whoever can answer these 5 questions first before 10pm 2day will win a free ticket to the Greenbay game…”

The five questions as tweeted were:

  1. which rookie in viking history had a total of 5 tds in his opening game against the Bears?
  2. which player in viking history is at the beginning of the lengthy timeline to receive an all-pro recognition?
  3. which QB in viking history had an 106.1 rating and was 15th in the league out of 110 QBs during there first pre season as a viking?
  4. who was the 1st player from the swac conference to be drafted by us?
  5. The pass summer, which 5 all-pro WR (past&present) did i spend my summer with training& learning from (dont cheat & ask larry lol)?

The five answers as tweeted were:

  • im going to start with #5 first cuz thats the one that mostly all got wrong. L. Fitzgerald/Cris Carter/ Roy Green :)/ M. Irvin/ A. Rison
  • #1 was F. Tarkenton, which is found on our website under the history overview the 5th paragraph
  • #2 was Tommy Mason. found on our website under history timeline THE FIRST ALL_PRO SECTION
  • #3 was My swac brother Tjack which is found everywhere. yall couldve googled that for the answer
  • #4 was Carl Robinson from Prairie View. Which is found on our website under our draft history. he was the 258 overall pick in 1964

@AllDayApey had the winning tweet pretty early on but @JaymarJohnson missed it, causing @thevikes99 to tweet:

“@Jaymarjohnson nice fake contest u already said it was over what bs please you dont respond to your followers at all whats up with that bro?”

Jaymar Johnson tweeted the following once he realized his error:

“News Alert we do have a winner: alldayapey is the winner. she did answer all the questions correctly congrads!”

and then responded to @thevikes99 with:

“@thevikes99 is wasnt a fake contest! someone did win! im human i just made a mistake and overlooked it cuz i was tryin to respond to all”

And Johnson wrapped the contest up with:

“These r da extra prizes that @AllDayApey has won! 1 of my gameday rookie jersey, gloves, rookie cards,hat&cleat! http://plixi.com/p/48067496

Jaymar’s first Twitter contest was a bit messy but it worked out in the end for his fans; more importantly, it was a fascinating illustration of how pro athletes are using social media tools to build direct relationships with their fans.

3 OUT OF 4
The Vikings will play three of their four games in October on the road, against the Jets on the Monday after this week’s bye, and against Green Bay and New England. They host the Cowboys on October 17.

The number of touchdowns Brett Favre needs to throw to reach 500.

The number of interceptions Antione Winfield has so far this year. The same number he had for the 2009 season.

The number of yards Brett Favre needs to pass for to reach 70,000 yards for his career. By comparison, Vikings Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton retired in 1978 as the all-time leader in passing yardage (and most other records) with 47,003 during an 18 year season.

Former Vikings receiver Troy Williamson got to work out for the Detroit Lions on Tuesday, the NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reports. ¬†Also, near-Vikings running back Ryan Moats worked out with the Colts.

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