Daily Chat: Favre: Have I Told You I Have 3 MVPs?

Well, that was a generally unimpressive outing.

The fact that E.J. Henderson was on the field is nothing short of remarkable (notice I didn’t say miraculous? I’m tryin’ to be different here). It looked, for the most part, like he hasn’t lost a step and he didn’t appear to be tentative. He lead the team in tackles. Very good news for the Vikings. The Pioneer PressBrian Murphy gives the Jamarca Sanford angle: He’s relieved E.J.’s back.

Brett Favre got the big hit out of the way and lived to tell the tale.

Adrian Peterson conspicuously held onto the ball. With both hands. Good, Adrian, good.

Is my dream coming true? Jamarca Sanford started in place of Tyrell Johnson at safety.

Joe Webb. Are you kidding me? Nice run, rookie. Though he’s demonstrated he’s definitely got a lot to learn (taking a sack for a safety, staring down receivers, and putting too much touch on that pass to Freddie Brown, hanging him out to dry and giving rookie safety Taylor Mays enough time to nail Brown. Thanks, Joe.), he’s an exciting player with a ton of upside.  Joe Webb is not going to clear waivers.

Logan Payne made the most of his chances again, both on offense and special teams.

Chris Cook continued his strong showing, taking a non-fumble all the way down the field for a non-touchdown on a non-play as well as a strong performance on special teams. The kid can play some ball.

Darius Reynaud has got some return ability, he’s impressed me as a running back, and he’s played receiver for most of his short career. Given all that and given the Vikings iffy-ness at receiver, could Reynaud find a niche as a utility man?

Bernard Berrian looked good. If he can return to form and stretch the field, it’s going to open up a lot for the offense this year.

Jayme Mitchell had another strong game, despite spelling his name with a Y.

Toby Gerhart just. Looks. Good.


…and by comparison, Albert Young doesn’t look as good.

Safety Madieu Williams reminded us once again what a poor investment he was by once again taking a horrible angle that allowed 49ers running back Anthony Dixon to score.

Speaking of which, Asher Allen did himself no favors by failing to shed his block on that play. It seems pretty clear, too, that Allen is not a kick returner.

It took Tyrrell Johnson this long to smoke somebody?  Johnson nailed 49ers tight end Nate Byham, causing him to drop the ball and stay on the turf for a while.  Johnson didn’t get in the game till the third quarter. That’s your motivation, Tyrell?

49ers elite linebacker Patrick Willis smeared Brett Favre‘s ass into the Candlestick Park turf after Adrian Peterson proved yet again he’s not a complete back  by failing to keep Patrick Willis from smearing Brett Favre’s ass into the Candlestick Park turf.

For the second consecutive week, Chris Clarke had a brutal game. The left tackle is not long for this team.

The Offensive Line did not impress and there appears to be zero depth. Scary.

Taye Biddle appears to be deliberately playing himself off this team.

Did I say Adrian Peterson is incapable of blocking in the backfield? [See the evidence.]

Chris Collingsworth. During the first half he assessed the cornerback competition accurately, putting Chris Cook in the mix as a backup; in the second half, Collingsworth had Cook competing with Antoine Winfield for his starting position.

Tarvaris Jackson had a decent game, making finding a new home for Sage Rosenfels more palatable?

Ryan D’Imperio appeared to injure his right hand or arm on the on-side kick attempt.

By the way, that was a pretty lame on-side kick attempt, Rhys.

The number of MVP awards Brett Favre never misses an opportunity to remind people he won.

Jimmy Kleinsasser whiffing  on a block.

If Sage Rosenfels is indeed on the trading block, it’s probably time to bench him so he doesn’t devalue himself with a poor outing.

Did it sound just a tad ingenuous when Chris Collingsworth promised they wouldn’t show the clip of E.J. Henderson‘s snapped femur from the Arizona game last year?  So why’d you show it in the first place?

Your top two rushers are quarterbacks.

First the Vikings lost out to the 49ers on the Brian Westbrook sweepstakes, and now this: Brandon Jones signed with the Seahawks.

I tried to friend WCCO TV’s Mark Rosen of Rosen’s Sports Sunday on Facebook and Facebook told me, Sorry, this person already has too many friend requests. This evidence would seem to indicate that Mr. Rosen is super popular and he doesn’t bother much with Facebook.

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