Daily Chat: Adrian Peterson's Busy Offseason



Adrian Peterson had a busy offseason.  In addition to blowing off minicamp in favor of attending the Fourth Annual Adrian Peterson Day in East Palestine, TX (who do I talk to about getting a Day? Peterson? Jason DeRusha?), Peterson was endorsing Vitaminwater.  And  by endorsing, I mean staring in a bizarre commercial with Gary Busey, Shaq, and America Olvio. WATCH Adrian Peterson’s Vitamin Water Commercial.

Oh, yeah; there was also his cameo on Entourage a few episodes back. Vince bought Adrian’s dinosaur skull. Watch this interview in which Peterson talks about the experience and about his fumbling.

Former Vikings wide receiver, seventh overall pick and a sad, sad replacement for Randy Moss, Troy Williamson, caught  two passes for 101 yards and a touchdown from Luke McCown Friday night for the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Williamson’s performance was not enough: Rookie existentialist Kafka rallied the Eagles to victory.

Mark Craig said Williamson “flashed that old promise.” I beg to differ. My touch football buddies and I use the word Williamson as a verb. As in, Don’t Williamson the ball! As in, catch the ball with your hands, away from your body; don’t try and trap it.

Williamson still Williamsons the ball. Watch the tape.

You could see Jaymar Johnson take his glove off and hold his left thumb as he walked off the field after a play on Saturday. It was enough to keep him out of practice Monday.

Sidney Rice, who has been on PUP since like forever,  had this to say about Percy Harvin‘s absence, according to Judd Zulgad: “It’s a lot [to miss] but I think he understands the game. He knows what’s going on, he knows his plays so it’s going to take him a little time to work himself back in there and get back into that shape. I don’t think he’s been doing a lot of running. So it’s going to be tough on him for the next couple of days getting his wind back and getting back into that rhythm.”

Guess he’d know.

Sidney Rice is only now starting to work on cutting rather than just running straight routes as he tries to recover from his enigmatic hip injury.  “It would be great to play in a preseason game,” he told reporters. Yes it would.

This could be troubling. Toby Gerhart has Adrian Peterson advising him on pass protection, according to Bob Sansevere.

Brad Childress evaluated Erin Henderson‘s work at middle linebacker on Saturday: “He did a job at the mike, surprisingly. Did a great job. He looked like he knew what he was doing,” Tom Pelissero reports. [Emphasis mine.]

Starters will play the first quarter against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday night.

The Packers take it none-too-kindly when asked about Brett Favre.  Mark Craig reports that Packers receiver Greg Jennings “Don’t know. Don’t care either” about Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers was just as curt: “He has nothing to do with me or our team this year.”

Former Minnesota Gophers quarterback, former Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator, former Super Bowl champion coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and current NBC studio analyst Tony Dungy is offended by the mouth of Jets head coach Rex Ryan. Dungy doesn’t like the fact that Ryan swears.

So offended, in fact, he wouldn’t hire Ryan, he told Dan Patrick.  Ryan’s pottymouth sets a bad example for the kids.

It’s okay, then, to torture animals (see Dungy’s support for Michael Vick) but dropping the F-Bomb will mar impressionable young minds?

Former legendary Vikings linebacker Wally Hilgenberg donated his body to science upon losing his battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease and it now appears that generosity has paid direct dividends.  Scientists have now established a link between head injuries in athletes and Lou Gehrig’s disease, after being able to study Hilgenberg’s brain and spinal cord.