Minnesota Vikings’ 2005 Draft Picks

While I think Troy Williamson was a 10-15 round pick, and I preferred USC WR Mike Williams, it looks as if the Vikings could find no takers to trade down and get Williamson where he probably should have been taken with about the 10th pick. Fine. At the end of the day, I’m happy we got him because I do think we need someone aside from the pot-smoking, stolen-handgun-totin Kelly Campbell to stretch the field. I’m also excited about the Vikes taking DE Erasmus James with the 18th pick, but I think you gotta worry about whether or not he’ll stay healthy. It was good to see the team pick up an offensive lineman in the second round with Marcus Johnson and I think they got real value in the fourth round by picking up RB Ciatrick Fason. Mike Tice told KFAN this morning that they traded up to get Fason but I’m guessing that they traded up for a chance to pick Guard Elton Brown–who many people had rated among the top three Guards in the draft–only to have Denny Green snatch him up one slot ahead of them.

Minnesota Vikings’ 2005 Draft Picks (with video – see Yahoo for videos of more picks):

  1. Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina, (1st round, 7th overall) video [KFAN profile]
  2. Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin, (1st round, 18th overall) video [KFAN profile]
  3. Marcus Johnson, OT/OG, Mississippi, (2nd round, 49th overall) video [KFAN profile]
  4. Dustin Fox, DB, Ohio State, (3rd round, 80th overall) [KFAN profile]
  5. Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida, (4th round, 112th overall from Washington for 2005 4th & 5th round picks) video [KFAN profile]
  6. C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri, (6th round, 191st overall) video [KFAN profile]
  7. Adrian Ward, CB, Texas-El Paso, (7th round, 219th overall from Oakland) [KFAN profile]

The Vikings also signed undrafted rookie free agent Placekicker Jonathan Nichols of Mississippi.