The Suburbs

Photo of the guitarist of The Suburbs

Photo courtesy of brianpobuda

From Wikipedia: The Suburbs, an alternative punk rock/funk/new wave band that (true to their name) came out of the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, recorded three major-label full-length albums and 2 EP’s in the 1980s. Brought together in 1977 via introductions by Chris Osgood of the Suicide Commandos, the Suburbs maintained the same lineup throughout their existence. The Suburbs were composed of vocalist and guitarist Blaine John “Beej” Chaney, guitarist Bruce C. Allen, keyboardist Chan Poling, bassist Michael Halliday, and drummer Hugo Klaers. They first started performing in late 1977 and released The Suburbs on the Twin/Tone label (the label’s first release) in early 1978. The record was a nine-song 7-inch red vinyl EP. The band also saw two songs, “Urban Guerrillas” and “Ailerons O.K.”, included on the compilation Big Hits of Mid-America, Volume Three. Allen did the art direction for the compilation.

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