Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper & Weird Al Yankovic Perform Come Together

Who would not want to watch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper and Weird Al Yankovic play The Beatles classic, Come Together? If for no other reason than to see how Weird Al plays it?

Turns out he plays it straight…and he roccks it.

But think of all the audiences this video can attract: 1) Aerosmith & Steven Tyler fans, 2) Alice Cooper fans, 3) Weird Al Yankovic, 4) The Beatles fans, 5) people who like parodies, and 6) fans of the Mala Restaurant, where the video was shot.

While all of the above are big, recognizable names that have large audiences but smaller bands can take advantage of the same dynamic, particularly since local music scenes often see a lot of inter-band collaboration.

If you’ve got an opportunity to create content that appeals to multiple audiences, take advantage of that by optimizing your content using the appropriate keywords and encourage all involved to share that content with their own individual networks. Found at YouTube from johno808maui.

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