Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back

Peter Gabriel released his first studio effort since Up earlier this month and it looks to be pretty damn good. The idea behind Scratch My Backis just that: You scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours.

Scratch My Backis a collection of covers he has done in exchange for that band or musician doing a cover of one of his songs. There were two rules: No drums or guitars. Gabriel is no stranger to such experiments. I remember upon first listening to Security having been struck that there were no cymbals in any of the songs; purely African rhythms.

Here’s some footage of Gabriel performing Paul Simon’s Boy In The Bubble. Found at YouTube from swat4hire via Stereogum.

For comparison, here’s Paul Simon doing Boy In The Bubble. Found at YouTube from almirCCR.

Cover Lay Down has the MP3 of Paul Simon’s back scratch with his version of Gabriel’s Biko (it’s beautiful).

This is Peter Gabriel discussing the making of Scratch My Back.

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