Neko Case On Why Musicians Buy So Many Guitars

Neko Case - New Guitars Quote

Image courtesy Maggie on Flickr

This is fantastic. (A hat tip to my friend Rick Birmingham, who pointed it out to me.)

As the owner of more than a few guitars, my standard response to people who believe that is a tad excessive is: “You can never have enough guitars.” Now I have expert supporting evidence for that stance.

In this interview with NPR, Neko Case declares her love for her Fender Jazzmaster guitar. I can confirm that the love is justified. My friend John Kuehn owned one and to this day, it remains the best guitar I’ve ever played.

Fretboard Journal has a wonderful interview with Case in which she discusses at length her guitar collection and says:

“My friend once told me that every new guitar has 10 new songs in it,” she says, “which isn’t a reason to go out and buy new guitars. But I’ve found that when I started collecting instruments that I became more and more interested in trying to sit down and write music, which is my job.”

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