How I Discovered David Usher

One of my favorite marketing podcasts is Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel. In addition to his wonderful marketing insight, I enjoy Joel because he brings his perspective as a musician and experience in the music industry to bear on his opinions of marketing.

Each podcast is capped off with a very good song. As a musician myself and as a lover of music, I look forward to his choice of songs as much as the marketing knowledge I gain. I’ve discovered several new artists I’d never heard of through Six Pixels.

A recent episode featured St. Lawrence River by David Usher, which I really like. But I didn’t realize it was David Usher. (I’d discovered his beautiful song Je Repars during an earlier Six Pixels podcast. I was listening to the podcast in iTunes, and being the savvy technology/marketing guy that I am, I figured credit for the song would likely be included in the meta data for the podcast file itself. So I right-clicked on the podcast file in iTunes, chose Get Info from the popup menu but, alas, no song credit.

I then waited for a lyric that sounded unique until I heard “I knew you’d be your own destroyer” and I used that as my search query in Google. The results included links to a bunch of lyrics sites from which I learned the name of the both the song and the musician. I turned to YouTube and found the music video below for St. Lawrence River by David Usher.

This, I think, is how people often find songs for which the listener does not know either the title of song nor the name of the band or musician who performs it.

If I were marketing my band, then, I would include a page on my website for each of my songs that uses search engine optimization techniques for the title of the song and includes the lyrics to the song, a music video for the song if you’ve got one, and, of course, links to where you can buy the song and/or album for which it was released.

St. Lawrence River by David Usher – Music Video

Found at YouTube from davidushermusic.

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