Content Marketing: Grandma Drummer [VIDEO]

When a grandma walked into a Wisconsin drum shop and started pounding away, someone there recognized a viral video in the making.

Sometimes awesome marketing just falls into your lap and it’s simply a matter of recognizing it when it comes your way and being able to take advantage of it. The Coalition Drum Shop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, was in just such a situation when an elderly woman came into their shop, sat herself down at a set of drums, and proceeded to start pounding out the beats.

Recognizing the opportunity, someone at the shop had the good sense to capture the woman on video (I mean, a grandma playing the drums: Who wouldn’t love it!?) and upload it to their YouTube channel with the title Grandma Drummer. Since it was uploaded on July 18, the video has earned 3.4 million views, made YouTube’s trend charts, and garnered incredible exposure for the drum shop. Found at YouTube from TheCoalitionDrumShop.

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