All Kinds Of Time by Fountains Of Wayne

The are tons of songs about baseball but only one that I know of that is about football. There are plenty of songs that are used by football–Queen’s We Are The Champions, etc.–but for some reason musicians haven’t found the game of football all that inspiring.

Fountains of Wayne, however, have written a classic song about football: All Kinds of Time is about the moment that a quarterback gets into “the zone,” the moment he understand how the offense works and, as the cliche goes, “the game slows down” for him. Sadly, I’m posting this song as a twisted tribute to my beloved Minnesota Vikings defense, who are allowing opposing quarterbacks all kinds of time this year.

This fan-made machinima/music video for All Kinds Of Time uses Madden 09. Found at YouTube from Nicktehslick.

NFL Network Commercial: All Kinds Of Time by Fountains Of Wayne

This is the NFL Network commercial that uses the song. Found at YouTube from thenowcorporation.

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