Dude, Onterrio Smith Got Busted

August 20, 2004

Mike Tice says that the Vikings’ starters may play into the second quarter and Falcons coach Jim Mora, while non-committal about Michael Vick, has indicated that his starters will probably play into the second quarter as well. That will be nice because it will give Vikings fans plenty of time to watch running back Onterrio…

Online Buzz – Vikings vs. Falcons

August 19, 2004

Online Showdown – Most Popular Searches If the frequency with which people are searching online for Vikings versus Falcons information is any indication, the Purple should crush the Falcons tomorrow. How do I know this? It’s my job to know; it’s what I do…[FADE IN TRIUMPHANT MUSIC]…I’m a search engine marketing expert! And so, having…

Vikings For Sale…Again?

August 18, 2004

The locals all focus on the nascent investor group from Arizona looking to maybe buy the Vikings. It’s a story I’m not that interested in, frankly; having watched and commented on the stadium battles over the years, it ain’t something I get all worked up about anymore. I very much doubt the Vikings are going…

God And Lawsuits

August 17, 2004

Today’s Strib has a good article by Mark Craig on the Vikings’ depth at cornerback, examining who might step up in the wake of Brian Williams‘ injury. Regarding the fifth cornerback position, Mike Tice is quoted as saying, "Somebody wants it bad. We’ll find out who." Do I detect a bit of desperate motivation there?…

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Arizona Cardinals

August 16, 2004

Monday Morning Quarterbacking Predictably, the Tice/Green rivalry hype amounted to much radio talk show sound and a lot of column-inch fury signifying pretty much nothing at all. Much more interesting was what happened on the FieldTurf on game day. Vikings’ Defense For a preseason game, it was quite a delight to see the Vikings field…

The Rivalry/Denny Green’s Return

August 13, 2004

The media’s theme of the week for the Cardinals game has clearly been The Return Of Denny Green. The NFL schedulers handed the lead to the reporters by making the rematch the first preseason game and it only made the story more irresistible when Green was hired; so sports reporters ran with it. There have…

Fear & Loathing In Purplesville

August 12, 2004

Going into the first pre-season game against the Cardinals, Vikings’ fans have several things to wring their hands over. Chief among those worries are two players who’ve spent plenty of time on injured reserve and a placekicker who, apparently, cannot hit the side of a barn. Shank Both papers have been following Aaron Elling‘s kicking…

Carl Eller

August 11, 2004

It’s about time Carl Eller got into the Hall.